An Overview

EMLogics is a software solution company located in Ocala, Florida. Being a small business does not mean being small on code resources. On the contrary, we use the best practices and tools available to large organizations. Here is a highlight of our process and the tools we use.*


Development process consists of:

  • Making small changes, testing, and committing them
  • Feedback and improvement
  • Deployment and support

Security we practice:

  • We have root access to the servers and only connect to them using ssh keys
  • Remote root login is disabled by default
  • Application passwords are hashed with bcrypt, scrypt, or argon2 and never stored in plain text
  • Dual factor authentication using authenticator app instead of texting security codes
  • Web applications implement Content Security Policy
  • Connection to servers use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol
  • Sensitive data is encrypted using AES with PKDF and the keys are not stored with the application
  • Cryptographically signed web tokens when communicating with RESTful api end points

Languages we enjoy using:

  • React.js is a JavaScript library used for creating user interfaces (five stars)
  • Python has an amazing library and a very diverse ecosystem
  • Swift is needed to create iOS apps, but there are other languages that allow such creation
  • Microsoft C# has a very rich syntax making code witting enjoyable

Databases we use:

  • PostgreSQL is a true relational database which happens to be efficient in handling json data (five stars)
  • MongoDB is our document-based database if relationships are not needed
  • MS SQL Server is the first RDBMS we use and still we enjoy its standard tools
  • Firebase is used for prototyping

Service providers we use:

  • Next.js for server side rendering (five stars)
  • Stripe is used to manage invoices and payments
  • Digital Ocean is used to manage the servers and S3 spaces
  • Github is used to store and manage our code, its revisions, and bug tracking. Credentials and confidential data is never added to revision control in order to avoid sensitive information disclosure
  • Slack comes handy when we need to keep track of certain nonconfidential matter internally
  • Asana helps us manage our nonconfidential tasks
  • Twilio when SMS is needed

Your expectations and satisfaction are the true measure of how well we do! Please contact us for your software solution needs.

*Integrated development environments, text editors, and programming languages are released under their respective licenses. Please refer to their licenses and terms of use. None of the integrated development environments, text editors, programming languages, and cloud providers are recommended or endorsed by emlogics, llc. We might wholly or partially discontinue their use at our sole discretion and without providing any notice on this website. They are only listed here in our effort to show our openness about our technology stack.