EMLogics develops outstanding software solutions that provide value to your organization. We will go from a requirement — or an idea — to prototype to implementation. Your application will be tested to ensure all functionality requirements are met. Exceeding your expectations is our upmost priority.


From designing your website, internal, or external applications, we can take care of it — from the initial stages through production support.

We design our icons, color pallets, business cards, company letter head, and mailing envelopes. It's all done in house and we extend that benefit to you. We will go through multiple interactions until you are satisfied with the final product/service that truly reflects your brand.

Since time saving is so valuable to you, when you need to update your digital assets, you will find them all in one place — readily accessible and adaptable to your applications.

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Traditionally, businesses need to have a room with servers, switches, and all sorts of devices to run their applications. Apart from that aging infrastructure, you might use legacy software that does not provide value to your operations, even when it is updated.

Most canned solutions are like that — a "one solution fits all" mentality. They were created to maximize profits and not with the customer in mind. We take a different path by putting you first every step of the way. From creating integrations with third party api providers, to using S3 to store files securely in the cloud, to scalable databases that meet your demands. All without you having expensive equipment to keep track of and maintain.

Security Minded From the Start

We take security very seriously. It is not an after thought. Right when we start building your application, we strategize the most feasible security flow we can implement following industry guidelines and best practices.

Not long ago, dual factor authentication was out of reach to small businesses and only available to large corporations. Thanks to open source technology, this extremely important security feature is cost effective to implement. That is the reason that for the majority of our applications, we recommend this two factor/dual factor authentication mechanism and discourage the use of sending code through SMS messages. While other developers consider this feature an upgrade, we include it with your applications by default.

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Solutions That Make Sense

Even though many details have to be taken care of, we provide an easy way to "glance" at the whole picture; an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly zoom into your focus area. For instance, a friendly navigation with an easy to follow flow provides a pleasant experience when filling out long forms. Did we mention that the user does not have to provide redundant information?

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